Ahhh this made me feel so happy! I've have a bit of a stressful week as exams draw near, and this has made me feel so much better! Thanks toΒ PrincessblabbermouthΒ for the nomination, it's heartwarming to know that I have such lovely, loyal followers! So thank you πŸ˜€ The rules for my nominees are at the… Continue reading MY FIRST BLOGGER AWARD!!!


Fountain pens and fashion.. The missing link?

Fashion is filled with couture catwalks, A list models and er, pens? You may be wondering how these two completely different words can link together even remotely, let alone create a blog. Creativity can mean different things to different people. Fountainpensandfashion are just two words that both suggest creativity in my mind and that is… Continue reading Fountain pens and fashion.. The missing link?