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Sharpening the stationery set:

Hi everyone, welcome back, I hope your day has been going good! It's back to my own content today, and, although I loved collaborating, I didn't want to lose the voice of my blog! Anyway, I'm back today with a new post on some of my favourite stationery. I was planning on doing this post,… Continue reading Sharpening the stationery set:

Creativity, lifestyle

Creativity vs daily lifeΒ 

After eating some grated cheese, ready salted walkers crisps and a lot of Galaxy, I got the courage to start drafting my first blog. I guess some brainfood combinations just work better than others. Also I was out of Marmite and, after this weeks events, that could have proven very bad indeed. Anyway, I have… Continue reading Creativity vs daily lifeΒ