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The first of many Justfab unveilings…

Although I have never done a Justfab review, I have a gut feeling that this is going to become a regular feature on my blog.

That is, until my bank card gives up and decides to make a desperate bid for freedom (out of my wallet and into the hills). 

But until that catastrophic moment of realisation that I really need to save money and stop spending it all on gorgeous shoes (which I can’t see happening anytime soon, or anytime at all), let me tell you about the shoes that I hold in my hands.

Or, more precisely, wear on my feet. 

I stumbled across the footwear haven that is Justfab and felt like I had just kicked open the door to something life changing, puns oh so intended.

Justfab sell shoes, clothing, accessories and bags, but the shoes section was the gem that stole my inner consumerist’s fickle little heart. And, to make the situation even more tantalisingly good, Justfab offer their customers 75% off anything. Shoes, clothing, you take your pick, so I did.

The one small problem with this (because more often than not there is a sneaky catch) it then preceded to give me ONE HOUR to order the item that I wanted. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack when there are thousands of different needles to pick. 

After 56 mins of deliberating I finally decided on a paint splashed set of pointed court heels and placed my order. After you place your first order you become a VIP member of Justfab, with discounts off retail prices, your own personalised style ’boutique’ and lots of other good things. At this point, my inner consumerist was doing the samba with a pair of maracas but lets not go there.

Fast forward to today when I received my Justfab delivery. I love getting stuff delivered, but deliveries always seem to arrive at the most inopportune times… That was, however, quickly forgotten when I unwrapped my Justfab box, in which to find a pair of shoes that had been sprinkled with the iridescence glitter of only the most style savvy pixies.

The shoes, after all, are the main part of this blog post, but I couldn’t help sharing my new found love affair with you lovely readers. The shoes came in this really pretty box which I can’t wait to fill with anything other than shoes.


Even though the delivery to a while (it was a bank holiday) I was impressed by the packaging and the fact that it didn’t look like a used piñata, which is always a plus!

The shoes came wrapped up with those sticky pole things in to keep the shape of the shoe which I love, although I have never ordered shoes online so I don’t know if I am just getting excited over perfectly normal things! They also came with extra heel bottoms which I thought was a lifesaver!


The shoes themselves fitted perfectly, with the material feeling like quality material rather than tacky. I was a little unsure about the pointed end of the shoe but that changed when I tried them on. It felt like I had stepped into a new world.

Overall I love these shoes, they are just so in sync with my character, their crazy colour scheme pretty much sums up how eccentric I am. You can learn a lot from the shoes people choose to wear. And at only £9, perhaps I can persuade my bank card to decide against making a desperate bid for freedom over the hills. 

Thanks for reading.

Laura x

4 thoughts on “The first of many Justfab unveilings…”

      1. Hahaha! No problem, I hope you do make this a series thing because such low price for such pretty shoes is amazing! 🙂

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