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How to braid a scarf:

Hello everyone, welcome back, today I’m posting a how to on something that is pretty snazzy (there’s a clue in the title)!

I was looking through my most recent blogs and I realised I hadn’t done a fashion blog in ages. I started to research for inspiration and I came across this tutorial on how to braid a scarf, which was very intriguing. I’m not the best at Maths but surely you need three strands to work with if you are going to braid?

Apparently not.

Scarf braiding is where you braid one side of the loop in your average scarf when you are wearing it, using one side of the loop as the third strand. This is how it looks.

You can do it with scarfs of any material, thick or thin, but the scarf must reach to at least your knees when you put it around your neck so it hangs straight down. This is so that you have enough fabric to work with and that it doesn’t end up as a choker rather than a scarf.

Without further a do, lets get on with the how to.

1. Put your scarf on like you normally would, tying it in a knot. It is best to do this just below your chest so that you are able to get it over your head! Once you have tied it, it doesn’t have to be tied tightly, take it off and you are ready to start the braid.

2. This is the complicated bit, which I am going to try to explain as best as I can. You have your scarf in your hand, it should have the loop from where it has gone over your head and then two tassels from the knot. What you want to do is to take one of the tassels and put it under one side of the loop. This will only work one way, if you put the wrong strand over then the knot will come undone. Once you have done this, put one of the outside strands over the middle strand. This purely depends on which strand is on the outside at this point. Then it should become easy to start braiding a normal three strand braid. When you come to the loop, thread the outside strand through the loop and you can carry on braiding.


3. Once you have finished braiding, tie the two loose strands together in a knot at the bottom. This should link the scarf together creating a loop, with one side braided.

4. Simply slip this over your head, pull at the braid to make it more pronounced and bold if you want and there you have it!


Sorry if my description isn’t the best, as long as you end up with two loose strands and one side of the loop which you can easily braid it is really easy. It doesn’t matter what strand you start with and if you use the same strand to go over and under the loop, in order to make it easy to start the braid or whatever works for you. The beginning of the braid won’t show up as that is under your ear!

I hope you have enjoyed reading and have learnt something new! As always, please let me know what you think in the comments. If you get stuck trying to braid there are some excellent tutorials which explain the process, it’s all a learning curve!

Laura x




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