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My go to skincare products!

Don’t you just feel so great when your skin is looking and feeling great? Yep, me too, which is why I’ve decided to rave about my favourite skincare products that I own. I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it; you guys have seemed to like my ‘favourite products’ themed blogs before so I thought I’d do one based around skincare!

Shaving gel:

Gillette Venus Satin Care Swirl Shaving Gel 200ml Superdrug £1.97

Honestly, this is a lifesaver. For ages I have used electric razors over creams and foams but this left my skin so much softer. And, it managed to get rid of any stubbly bits you get with electric razors leaving your skin smoothy smooth. I just use some disposable razors from the Superdrug range which are really cheap, but a word on warning. Be gentle when you use this otherwise IT WILL HURT. I’m so just to using my electric razor really quickly but disposable razors can be as vicious. This shaving gel is lovely and smells nice, and it turns from purple to white which just made me feel a little more bubbly inside.


Soap and glory scrub of your life 200ml boots £7.00

I love a good body scrub product as it makes your skin feel so silky and soft. I’m a softy for super soft silky skin (try saying that after a bottle of wine)! I have two scrubs that I love. The first is a soap and glory body scrub which smells amazing and does a really good job of exfoliating and getting rid of any dead or dry skin. I got this in a set for a christmas pressie but it costs £7 for 200ml which is quite pricy but worth it. The downside is that you can use it up really quickly but then mine was only 50ml!

Body scrub spiced apple 250 eBay £7.99

The second is from the body shop, gotta love a bit of body shop! The downside to the body shop is everything is so expensive but I find that they always have really decent deals on. I managed to nab this beauty in the sale for also £7.00 down from £15! It is really good value for the amount you get (250 ml) and a little goes a long way. I always find after I put this on after my Olay shaving gel my legs feel softer than cotton wool. Such a good product. The sad thing is it has been discontinued, whether it will make a comeback for Christmas I don’t know. But because I love my supportive readers I have found a link to it on Ebay. Thank me after your skin is softy soft from this!


Soap and Glory the Righteous Butter 300ml Boots £10

By this point, I would have got out on my bath and would be ferreting around for my favourite lotions. Once again, my soap and glory came up trumps with the lotion not being too oily; I cannot stand an oily lotion! This lotion costs £10 but is 300ml which is a lot for what you get, so thumbs up to this!


The second one is by Burberry and I got it as a present from a friend, as she was clearing out her beauty drawer for university. It has the most amazing smell but I have no idea have much it costs or if it still exists! I would recommend Burberry skin products though, as they don’t feel oily and a little goes a long way, which is the good thing about lotions.

Body Powder:

This body powder has some sentimental value to it, as it used to be my Nan’s. It is still in date and everything but it is just nice to use before I get dressed again. I didn’t plan this to go chronologically but that’s blogging for you! This is Elizabeth Arden so it probably costs quite a bit but I don’t know if it is still sold. I just love it. To be brutally honest, I don’t really get the point of talcum powder but it feels nice on my skin.


Hope you liked the pun there, even when I’m tired from the week just gone I can still bring you rays of sunshine. These products are really affordable and they don’t irritate my skin as they are really gentle skin products. I hope that makes sense!

Boots essentials cucumber 3 minute clay mask 50ml £1.50

The first one is my boots range clay face mask. As you can see, there isn’t much left, as I love it so much! I always help to clean my pores as well as giving my skin quite a deep clean. It’s also really useful for when I’m in a rush due to the fact that is it only three minutes but it is quite difficult to rinse off!

Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising facial wash boots £3.49

Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner 50ml Boots £1.50

Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser 50ml Boots £1.50

Left to right: facial toner, facial wash, moisturiser 🙂

These next few are part of a trio set I also got as a present. I love it so much as they are all so useful and work really well together. I firstly use the simple facial wash, which helps to cleanse my face and wake me up in the morning! I then use my simple soothing facial toner and then my simple hydrating moisturiser, I don’t use this two in a particular order as they work well together anyway! I think you may have gathered that I love this set but it is so handy, and they are all 50ml so they are brilliant for travel! Boots are having a 3 for 2 sale on at the moment, which includes the Simple Kind to Skin range, so what are you waiting for!


I just wanted to throw this product into the review as it is such a useful thing to have. It smells so strong of rose it’s gorgeous but it does sometimes feel a bit oily. I got this from a magazine but I wanted to throw it in.


Some may say this isn’t strictly skincare but I use it as part of my skincare routine. It’s a lip balm from boots for no more than £2 and it just stops my lips from cracking. To be honest I need to use it more.

And there you have it! My favourite skincare products from my routine. I hope you liked it let me know in the comments what you think.

Laura x

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