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Daybook entry: Exciting news!

Hi everyone, welcome back, I have some exciting news that you may have already guessed from the picture. I’m entering my first pageant alongside a friend of mine who is experienced in the world of pageants, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Some of you may be thinking of things like; beauty is everything in pageants; this sounds so superficial and so on.

Just how many of you thought of mental health charities, fundraising and the chance to be a role model for women?

I have to say, I did have my doubts about pageants, after all, the word itself has been showered with so many negative thoughts over the years that it is impossible not to pass judgement. However, although I’ve only just started on this journey, it’s simply not just about looks anymore.

I am going to be raising money for a mental health charity called MIND, which is a charity close to my heart. With mental health awareness week just gone and the fact that one in four people suffer from mental health, I am so happy to be taking part in something where I can help fundraise for a well deserving cause, especially as some of my closest friends have suffered from mental health issues.

Another myth is that every girl is in it for themselves and themselves only. If that is true, how come I am already being supported through my journey by a friend who is also taking part in the pageant? Forget those thoughts of women cattily fighting over a crown; this is a chance to do something positive, to be a positive role model for other young women.

I, personally, am taking part in the pageant to boost my confidence. Not just by putting on a pretty dress and smiling as I walk around the stage. No. I will be improving my interview skills, reflecting on myself as a person and also accepting myself just the way I am. I have been bullied a lot as a kid, and I’m not alone, but I’m not going to let that block me from achieving my goals.

I can’t wait to get stuck into some good fundraising for a worthy cause and act as a role model for other women who have insecurities just like me. If you don’t take opportunities you will never know what you could’ve achieved.

Thanks for reading,

Laura x


8 thoughts on “Daybook entry: Exciting news!”

  1. Ahh good luck!!! You’ll smash it! I’m really rooting for you and it’s really nice of you to join in a fundraising campaign and what’s most important is it’s about mental health awareness. You go girl! ❀

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  2. Hi, how’s it going? I’m sorry for putting this in the comments section but I was wondering if you would do a guest post on my blog about your favourite beauty products and makeup trends. I understand if you are busy or aren’t interested but I’d like to thank you for taking the time to consider it. I am new to guest posting so it might take a little work but fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

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