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Sharpening the stationery set:

Hi everyone, welcome back, I hope your day has been going good! It’s back to my own content today, and, although I loved collaborating, I didn’t want to lose the voice of my blog! Anyway, I’m back today with a new post on some of my favourite stationery. I was planning on doing this post, as it will hopefully link in quite nicely with my post on exam stress Daybook entry: Exam stress!, but I did see a stationery blog by Oriana, which inspired me to knuckle down and share my love of stationery with you lovely people!

  1. Sticky note books!


When I say this, I don’t mean books that are covered with treacle, that would just be silly and naff. I mean that they are sticky notes that are encased in a book like case, although not a bookcase, that wouldn’t fit in my schoolbag. I think you may sense that I have pre A level exam hysteria or maybe I’ve just been reading too much Georgia Nicholson. Anyways, these sticky tabs are super cute and help me to mark important elements in my literature texts, although they can be used for pretty much anything. I got given mine at a higher education fair but I will attach alternative links to similar products. Also, if you are revising, or at least trying to drag yourself away from Netflix to revise like me, write revision notes onto the sticky tabs and then stick them wherever you normally go to, the bathroom, the cereal boxes, etc. I think I might start sticking them on my fridge as I love my fridge. Like they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Alternative options:

Filofax Sticky tabs WHSmiths £4.87

WHSmith Mini Sticky notes £0.99


2.   Shaped highlighters:


Stay with me on this one. You know when you get those highlighters that have been joined together by the power of stationery appreciation and snazzy packaging? Well, it’s basically like the picture below. They are so useful, especially the triangular shaped ones, as they are really easy to hold and you don’t get as much pen over your hands as you do with pentagon highlighter pens. I got given mine from school but they are easy to find online and they are really pretty. On the downside, some colours run out quicker than others so make sure you stock up!

An alternative option:

Highlighter triangle Amazon £2.65


3. 10 in 1 multicoloured ballpoint pen:


I still love these pens, as you are effectively able to hold ten pens in your hand and pick different colours without having to pause, put the lid on one pen, take the lid of another pen, lose the lid of that pen while the teacher is rattling through your A level like it’s a piece of cake and all you’re trying to do is be creative! Rant over. I really like this pen, and the fact that it is a minion multicolour pen just helps me to stay calm and breathe. And you know what guys, these pens may look like something you loved in primary school but I’m 18, and I’ll happily own the fact I have minion stationery (and a matching minion pencil case). So, as long as you are happy with your stationery, that is all that matters. Deep stuff guys, deep stuff.

Link to the above picture:

Amazon minion multicolour pen £3.99

Voila! Those are my favourite newest pieces of stationery, I really need to get some more stationery things but I should really be saving for university. And not browsing boohoo. Or buying party dresses. And I should be revising for A levels. Ah well, I try. On the upside, my party dress is black so I can wear it on results day, as a way of mourning my results in advance…

Anyway, thank you for reading, let me know what you think in the comments!

Laura x


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