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Makeup revolution review collaboration!

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! I have been very much looking forward to this post, as it is my second collaboration! Me and OriginallyLexy have been working on this collaboration, which is about our shared appreciation for Makeup revolution, and have reviewed some products which hopefully you will like! We’ve taken it in turns to review a product so I hope you like it, and don’t forget to check out Lexy’s blog at OriginallyLexy!


Strobe Highlighter:


I picked this product, as I have wanted to try strobing for ages and it looked like a pretty shade. When I opened it, it seemed nice and shimmery, which is good for strobing. Strobing is basically like highlighting, hence why it’s called a strobe highlighter. There wasn’t much different about this product compared to my MUA highlighters; I was expecting a lot more shimmer. It was quite a matted shade which surprised me, as it looked quite sparkly, and it needed to be built up a lot, as it wasn’t that pigmented when I applied it with my makeup brush. Even when I swatched it on my arm it didn’t show up on the camera. On the plus side, it is a nice shade and Make up revolution is cruelty free, but overall this wasn’t my favourite product, despite being only £3.



Redemption Palette Iconic 2

2017-05-04 10.27.382017-05-04 10.31.13

This palette is supposedly a dupe for the Naked 2, and as I don’t own that I can’t compare  but what I can say is that this palette is incredible.

When I first picked this up for £4, I wasn’t expecting it to be as pigmented as it is. Particularly with the shimmers (which 9 out of 12 of them are), as with one swipe the eyeshadow is totally opaque.

They blend out really nicely, and considering that this is a pink toned palette, you still get a good range of colours to work with.

Rating: 5/5



Ultra Base Corrector Palette:


I was so excited to get this as I have been wanting to try a colour correction palette for forever! The packaging for all of Makeup Revolution’s products is lovely and this was no exception. It was very good value for money at £6 and you got eight shades. There are colours for all different skin tones and they are mega pigmented, so it works well. I am going to be doing a colour correction specific blog about what all the different shades do so keep tuned for that one!


The only bad thing about this product was that there was what looked like condensation on the shades, which was a little bit odd, although it didn’t stop the product from working.



Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer

2017-05-04 10.28.28

I really have a love/hate relationship with this concealer. Starting with the positive; the colour of this (02 Fair) matches my skin fairly well, and I can get away with wearing it without any foundation. The pigmentation of it is also good, and for £2 you can’t beat the price.

Now, the bad. You have to work with this product REALLY QUICKLY. The minute you apply it you have to blend it out, or it will dry and not budge. There’s definitely no time for applying it all over your face and then coming back to blend it.

I think that once you’ve figured out how to use this product, it isn’t half bad. If you can’t do your make up quickly though, then I don’t think this is one for you.

Rating: 2.75/5



Ultra Blush Palette


I have truly saved the best until last. I originally thought this palette was an all in one highlighter, contour and blush palette, so I was excited to try it. The shades looked so pretty and shimmery, and you know I love some shimmer! But OMG THE SHADES! I wish I had done this as I video as my reactions to how pigmented these shades were was priceless, they just seemed to get better and better!


Despite it being called a blush palette, there is a contour shade and some shades that could be used to highlight or strobe. My favourite shade was the swatch that was 2nd to the right on my arm in the first picture, as it is literally liquid GOLD. And, the palette cost £6, as well as being cruelty free. By far my favourite product I own, and that’s saying a lot as I love MUA.




2017-05-04 10.32.202017-05-04 10.34.34

ULTRA Professional Eyeshadow Flawless Matte

Like most of Makeup Revolution’s products, this palette is very affordable at £8 for 32 shades. You get a wide range of colours, and I honestly think there is every transition shade you could possibly want. This is my go to palette for every day, as I can create so many eye looks with it.

The shadows have a smooth and fine texture, but there is a bit of fallout. As for pigmentation, it’s a bit hit and miss. The darker colours swatch really nicely, but the lighter ones need a bit of building up before they show. However, I don’t mind this too much as the overall effect is nice.

Another point to add is that these shadows don’t mix very well with a wet brush. If you look at the top right shade you can see where it has been discoloured, and has dried with a hard texture.

Rating: 3.75/5


I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed this collaboration! This collaboration is also on OriginallyLexy, so leave some positive vibes on her blog! Thanks for reading.

Laura x

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