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“One shirt three ways” guest blog!

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog, I have had a very exciting week this week as I have not one but TWO collaborative pieces with two amazing bloggers! The first of these is with Lucy Niblock, who is founder of the blog With all my love, from Lucy. We have decided to guest post on each other’s blogs, which is so exciting, so go check out Lucy’s blog and hit that follow button! Here is her blog post on how to style one of her favourites shirts three ways. We both decided to have similar blog posts so that it seemed more collaborative, anyway, enjoy! 

One of my most worn pieces in my wardrobe is a plain white shirt. People who know me know that I’m a big fan of button up shirts but I love this one in particular because you can wear it in so many ways and I thought I’d show you a few.

This is the first outfit, it is probably my favourite because it is so casual and easy to just throw on if you are stuck on what to wear. It is just the shirt with a pair of black jeans (mine are Joni jeans from Topshop) and a khaki green jacket. I absolutely adore this jacket, I got it from Topshop last year- don’t worry I know they still sell them this year- and it is perfect for the British spring/summer because it is very lightweight but will still keep you cool if it suddenly turns super cloudy!This is the smartest of the 3 looks and would be perfect for both work and everyday. I’m a huge lover of patterned or coloured trousers but I think even if you aren’t brave enough to go full out (I own a pair of yellow trousers) these dark burgundy ones a would be great. With the shirt tucked in this outfit looks very classy and polished.I’m not the sort of person who wears dresses very often but this denim pinafore is an exception. Denim pinafore dresses look great with loads of stuff underneath but my favourite thing to wear with it is this shirt. Because the shirt is quite baggy, it gives this outfit a really casual vibe but the dress makes it look just a bit dressy so this look is so versatile, it all depends on the shoes and the accessories you pick!

I hope you enjoyed and found some spring and summer outfit inspiration and thank you to Laura for letting me write for her amazing blog!

4 thoughts on ““One shirt three ways” guest blog!”

  1. Love the different ways you styled your white shirt! Even if the shirt was plain, the things you paired it up with made it add a pop of colour (second outfit) x

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