Braided space bun inspired hair!

You wake up at the last minute, realising you can’t stay under the haven of your warm duvet for any longer, and you catch sight of your hair in the mirror. This is the situation I am faced with pretty much every day when I need to get up early, especially for sixth form. I quickly parted my hair, plaited my hair into two braids and then pinned them up. They got such a good reaction I thought I’d share them with you, as they are so, so, SO easy to do and I didn’t even plan to have a decent hair day!

If you can imagine classic Princess Leah space buns merged with Jenna coleman’s braided updo in Victoria (which is a must watch), then that’s basically what my hairstyle turned out like!


Like I mentioned earlier, this hairstyle is so easy to do, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Make sure you part your hair into two sections, one section down each shoulder. The trick for the space bun effect is to braid more to the front of your face, so that braid starts in the front side of each section (basically the section straight above the end of your eyebrow), I hope that makes sense!

2. ย Tie the first braid with a hair tie and do the same with the other section. Don’t worry if there is unbraided hair at the bottom on your braid, as that will be pinned up.

3. ย Work from the bottom to top of each braid and gently pull each braid to make the braid more thick and voluminous. If you don’t want thick braids then you can skip this step but it does add more bounce and a nicer effect to the hair in general, in my opinion!

4. ย Then you want to pin the braids up just underneath the crown of the back of your head. Try and keep the braid from twisting or going too far under your earrings as, although you have pinned it up, it will gradually become looser and the space buns will fall further down.

5. Hairspray your hair, maybe add a fancy clip at the back to add some sophistication, and bam, you’re ready to turn face the day!


It was so lovely how many nice comments I received with this hairstyle! It’s also really useful to find your own hairstyle that you can do quickly when you’re short for time and your hair is looking a bit tired. On the other hand, this hairstyle can be saved from a more formal occasion such as a wedding or corporate event, but can just as easily be worn on a daily basis. I have tried to do Spacebuns before but I found it too tricky to keep them looped in place, and the Victoria style hair was too formal with the bun for school, so I’m happy with my little hair creation!

I know this post may seem shorter than my other posts but it was a situation where a lightbulb went on in my mind, like, ‘blogpost’, I always get that now, it seems like everything is inspiring me to blog right now! Hope you like the hairstyle!

Laura x


9 thoughts on “Braided space bun inspired hair!”

      1. I tried it just in case but I tried it and it just didn’t look right๐Ÿ˜‚ Anyone with thicker hair than me should be able to do it x

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