My favourite scents:

Welcome back to my blog everyone, I hope you enjoy this blog post and that you are having a fabulous week so far! I know I’ve done blogs on makeup and clothes but I’ve never done a blog on perfumes. These are just my favourites but I find it hard to find perfumes I like, I mean, who doesnt! If you comment your favourite scents in the comments, I can maybe do some product review blogs of perfumes if that’s something you’d like to see!

Anyways, let’s get started, shall we!

1. Calvin Klein In 2 U Her

I got this perfume as an eighteenth birthday present after I had tested one. I just love it really! I want to say it’s like an apple scent but according to the description it is grapefruit and sugar orchid. In other words it is a fresh and floral smell, which reminds me of the Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy.

It is very good value and it has lasted me three months and I use it all the time, mine is the 100ml one which retails from Β£20 if you want the 50ml or around the Β£50 mark if you want 100ml. One word of advice, don’t be fooled by the glass bottom as it is solid glass and does not carry any perfume, which is slightly decieving.

2. Primark miniature collection perfumes

These are so cute, honestly! I picked these three up a while back and there are perfect to leave in bags so you always have some perfume with you! The ones I have are called beautiful, bombshell and glamorous (left to right in the photo).

Beautiful is really sweet and not as fresh and fruity smelling as the CK In 2 U perfume but it works for me.

Bombshell is really musky and makes me think of more candle burning smells than flowers making it a more intense smell.

Glamorous is similar to bombshell as it’s a stronger, muskier smell but it is more sweet than intense.

Overall, I think the miniatures in high street shops such as River Island and Primark are useful to keep in your bag. What I would say is test them in case you are allergic, in fact do this in general for perfume. These were really well priced at Β£2 each so definitely worth checking out the range of perfumes in high street fashion shops.

3. Versace bright crystal mini

As you can see from the picture the perfume is almost all gone so I may need to invest in a full sized one… 😏😏😏 I love this scent as it is, well, the only way to describe it is it smells like sweet white wine! I don’t do why it just does to me.

According to the description, it is a mix of Versace perfumes including musk, amber, grapefruit, lotus flower, peony, magnolia and yuzu. Although it is musky the floral ingredients make it sweet, floral and sensual. I still think it smells of white wine though… Price wise this perfume is around the Β£50 mark for 100ml, although superdrug do lower prices for 30ml bottles.

4. Eternity Calvin Klein mini

I love my miniature perfumes! This scent came in a Calvin Klein set but I love the smell. It reminds me of a really sweet fruit with sugar. I’ve just checked the ingredients and it has products such as white lily, sandalwood and mandarin, which is orange, so check out who is on the ball today! It isn’t light but it isn’t intense, it’s a sort of a middle ground in terms of the strength of the perfume. This perfume ranges from Β£20 – Β£40 for a 100ml bottle so pretty good value!

I hope you have enjoyed what perfumes I like and please comment your favourites so I can try them! Also remember to shop around when buying perfume as you can sometimes get it cheaper from different places.

Laura x


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