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My boohoo Wishlist:

Let’s face it, online shopping, or even merely browsing the extensive list of online clothing websites can only mean one thing: the death of our bank cards. Although I try and save money and not spend every last penny, there comes a time where you just have to treat yourself.

Unfortunately, that time is anytime for me, which can be very very bad when all these gorgeous clothes are just a few clicks away. It is for this reason, I have made a wishlist for an online outlet that always steals my heart.

Boohoo. Need we say more?

To save myself and the length of this article from rambling on and on and on a bit more, I have decided to scale it down to 15, which isn’t many when you think about clothing categories, shoes and accessories that grace the webpages of this site.


Crop top white

Nikki Wrap Front Choker Crop £12

I am LOVING cropped clothes at the moment. I can just pair them with some high waisted trousers or a skater skirt for more a more girly look. I just think that they are good to have, now it is getting warmer. This is my opinion and I probably have completely different style pieces that I like for myself and my body shape, but hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing what I like! There are similar ones of these in Misguided and New Look but I prefer this one as it isn’t too low cut or too cropped.


boohoo jumper

Phoebe Crop cable knit jumper £12

I love this jumper as it is cropped again. I like the way it doesn’t cling to the skin too much as it is nice to have cropped clothing that is loose and comfy for those days where you want to have a bit of a more of a casual look going on. I’m not too sure about the turtle neck element at the top, as I normally like to show my collarbone, but I think it could work nicely because it’s cropped at the bottom. The material itself just looks lightweight and not like it’s going to give you static hair and electric shocks all the time!



Petite Sarah overhead crop hoody £10

For the price of this hoody I think it is really good value. I have an grey one of these in my wardrobe at home and they are so versatile it is unreal. You can pair it with anything and everything and they also have a black one which would definitely go with anything!


Blazer in blue

Megan Satin Woven Tailored blazer £10

If you thought the hoody was a steal take a look at this blazer! I am so in love right now with this, there are so many similar tie up tailored shorts on Boohoo, even if these have sold out you can find some to pair with this blazer. You could wear it to college or work with tailored trousers and then switch it up with a tailored playsuit or a similar coloured ruffled skirt, the list is endless.


Lara denim shirt dress

Lara Denim Shirt Dress £20

Shirt dresses are so popular right now, I just love wearing one about the house they’re so comfy! If you wanted to a pair of thigh high boots and a floaty hat would be gorgeous to make this outfit effortless. What hat and boots would I recommend? Keep reading…



Gisele Tuxedo style wrap bodycon dress £20

This dress just looks so fierce. It’s v necked in its cut which I like and it just looks really effortless, as in you could just put this on and bam you’re ready to go. The link takes you to the same dress but in white and pink but that’s because there is limited sizing of the grey one pictured above.


Millie petite jumpsuit

Petite Millie wrap over jumpsuit £25

Now I’m only 5ft 3 but I reckon anyone could rock this type of jumpsuit, either on a night out or even in an important event and work or college, because who doesn’t want to look sassy when they are achieving their goals? There are different colours of this playsuit but I loved this red the most; I need this is my wardrobe! It does come with a bit of a price tag though. Oh well.

8. co ord set

Cari bandeau top and culottes co ord set £18

Is it me or does anyone else think of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City when they see this? I don’t know but I love how it looks so sophisticated and gives the illusion of longer legs. There are other colours but sizes are limited so go check it out, for £18 I’m not grumbling!


tapered trousers

Petite Maria tie waist tapered trousers £16

I think these trousers are really pretty. On one hand, they’re not too baggy at the bottom, and, on the other hand, they are nice and off duty looking because they are looser fitting at the top. I hope that makes sense! If you want something that’s similar to wide leg tailored trousers but you don’t want the figure of your legs being engulfed then these are definitely a good middle ground.


Boohoo leggings

Larah basic high waist leggings £6

You remember that white crop top from earlier? And the cropped jumper and the cropped hoodie? Yep, this is what I would style them with. The fact that these are high waisted creates the illusion of longer legs as well as showing of your waist. If you’re not a fan of showing off your waist they just so really comfy in general and £6 guys! Can’t argue with that.


casual shorts

Alice smart casual shorts £12

These are a really good example of what you could pair with that blazer, although they work just as well with a normal top like in the picture. I love how they are tailored but not skintight hot pants which gives some sophistication. Love.


denim jacket

Lisa paint splatter distressed denim jacket £30

I have been wanting a denim jacket since forever really but I don’t want one that is to chunky on me. You can see in the picture that the sleeves look really lightweight so hopefully it would be quite light and cool, even in the summer. I also like the way it has paint splatters on it as it just looks really playful, but it is expensive at £30. Again, oh well.



Boutique amber oversize wool floppy hat £12

Remember I said about the hats with the shirt dress? Voila! These kind of floaty hats, ‘floppy’ as Boohoo calls them, just help to add a really gorgeous I don’t know how to describe it vibe. It would also work amazing with a tailored blazer, maybe a different material to the one I mentioned earlier. Nonetheless this is definitely a staple I need in my wardrobe.


denim thigh high boots

Mia Distressed Denim Pointed Thigh High Boot £45

Denim denim denim! I love the fact these are denim it is just so gorgeous. These are the most expensive on the list but I want some thigh high boots in generally, either to go with a body con dress or jumper dress. Hey you could even go double denim with the shirt dress previous which I like to think would actually work.



Lexi Blue Ombre Lense Heart Sunglasses £5

This look so pretty and they’re not too in your face, look at me I’m wearing heart shaped sunglasses type sunglasses! The ombre shade is lush and would just make everything look such a pretty shade and for £5 what’s not to adore.

Thank you so much for reading, sorry if it seemed long but the pictures were quite big! Let me know what one’s you like the best!

Laura x



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