What I have in my make up bag… favourites :)

Happy bank holiday Monday everybody! Hope you are all having a fabulous day. After a lot, and I mean A LOT of deliberating, I decided I would do a beauty, make up skincare all in one post, because, let’s be honest, sometimes even I forget what little treasures are hiding in the murky depths of my make up collection. Also, I have seen lots of bloggers and Youtubers doing videos and blogs like ‘what’s in my bag’, ‘what’s really in my bag’ and so on, I thought I’d stick to my make up bag because those who know me know my bag is a TARDIS of receipts, old pens, Oreo packets and just general dust, and who wants to know about that.

Anyway, before christmas my friend ventured into my makeup bag to do my makeup. Then she went on super drug and basically picked me out a rejuvenated make up bag. And I have recently picked up a few new things so this should probably have been titled ‘new makeup products that I want to brag about that happen to be lying in the top of my make up bag’ but it would have been too long.

Toothbrush make up brushes:


P.S Pro Toothbrush Make Up brush £3 Primark

I know I know even my eyebrows raised a bit when I heard this one, but they are basically make up brushes that are shaped like a toothbrush. I’ve seen some of my favourite Youtubers reviewing these and wandered how good they were. Then fate intervened in the Primark queue where there was a fishbowl of these brushes beckoning me until I nabbed one. They are quite firm when you use them on the skin, I used mine to put on my foundation, but they aren’t brittle instead feeling soft on the skin. They can leave a few smears but these are quick to buff out and generally it works well. It also looks mega cute.


Left: Miss Sporty Instaglow Primer £3.49 Superdrug

Right: MUA Undress your skin flawless skin Primer £5 Superdrug

I had to pick two primers here because there are two that I love at the moment. I normally swear by the Miss Sporty Primer Instaglow which is a really pink rose coloured dewy primer which doesn’t feel greasy. It is easy to blend and gives a hint of shimmer so I love this primer.

It is also all used up now so I decide to buy another primer. I have always been a fan of MUA make up and so I brought the MUA undress your skin flawless skin primer. I honestly loved the colour until I realised it was just the colour of the packaging and the primer was a transparent gel. What’s more, when I went to apply it, it felt so greasy, like so so greasy. However, I would stick with this primer as, after it dries, it makes your skin feel like velvet, my skin felt gorgeous. Also I would argue it lets your foundation be it’s normal shade as it is transparent and not coloured like the Miss Sporty primer, although the coverage and longevity of both these primers are no different.



Barry M Flawless matter finish foundation porcelain £5.99 Superdrug

I always struggle with picking foundation as I have rosy cheeks and I have more of an oily skin type so finding a foundation that is long wearing is difficult. I also didn’t want anything to cakey or thick, so the Barry M flawless matte finish foundation in porcelain is my go to. It is oil free, has good coverage on my skin and matches my skin tone, which is always a plus! Hats off to Barry M.


MUA Undress your skin shimmer highlighters left is Iridescent gold and right is shimmer pink both £3!

These are so gorgeous, if you love strobing or just be sparkly then these are amazing and are so good value. They are MUA’s undress your skin shimmer highlighters, I’ve got mine in both Iridescent gold and now the Pink shimmer. The gold is like a white gold shade and would go nicely with contouring and bronzer, but the pink is really pretty for going against blusher. They are quite firm but once you use them a few times the pigment really starts to show, I especially love how shimmery the pink shimmer is in the light.



Collection Eye brow kits brunette £3.99 Superdrug

I constantly​ moan about my eyebrows. I decided to do something about it but I didn’t have the first clue about eyebrows and I was definitely not going to pluck them a) painful b) bad memories of 13 year old me shaving the top of my left eyebrow off. I think this is really good for beginners like myself, it’s simple to use and the shades aren’t too harsh either (again, bad memories). There’s three shades and an eyebrow angled brush as well as a clear mascara to seal the powder in place. And it doesn’t look too bold so it’s perfect for people who want to snaz up their eyebrows.



Estee Lauder eye pencil price unknown

This is slightly off budget compared to the other products in my list as my mum basically got an make up set and didn’t want the eyeliner pen. So now I have an Estee Lauder black eyeliner pen and, believe me, it’s worth the money. I’ve gone through also two of these now and they are so smooth, they never get blunt and then blend really easily, I don’t think I’ve even sharpened these pens once before as they always just give a really nice smoky line. The company don’t currently seem to have a lot in the way of eyeliner pencils but mine was part of a set.



My tube looks so used now this is not my picture this is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in fair 01 shade £4.19 Superdrug

I have struggled with discolouration under the eyes for sooooooo long. I am yet to find a concealer or product that gets rid of this but the collection concealer in fair 01 is pretty close. It applies really smoothly and doesn’t go blue under the eye which is always good! However the shades aren’t that light so it isn’t the best for giving a completely radiant look but it does the job.

I hope you’ve enjoy a view into the prized possessions in my beauty bag, let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to follow or sign up to keep up with the blog!

Laura x


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