5 things to do to combat a lazy stage:

We all get into a bit of a lazy cycle at one point or another, and it can leave you feeling low in energy and in spirit. I am currently on the Easter holidays πŸ°πŸ£πŸ”† and for the last few days I have been binge watching Netflix and not getting anything productive done.

So, when struggles occur, it’s time to get blogging! I feel like this will help me as well as you lovely readers, so I hope it helps! And, as always, feel free to tell me what you think.

1. Pinpoint what is making you feel like a snail 🐌:

Whether it’s a lack of routine, a worry or stress that’s bothering you, or just that you are plain worn out, there is always a reason to falling into a cycle of thinking. My reason is most probably tiredness of a level revision. Yay.. I feel like​, once you have found out why you are feeling lazy, you can combat it. Sounds simple but it is effective.
2. Small goals

It’s absolutely no good going from feeling sluggish to trying to conquer the world. Believe me, I try to do a complete spring cleaning session to stop myself from feeling lazy, the result? Double the mess and a feeling that there is no end to the mess. Instead, try achieving something small, whether it’s making yourself an organic energising lunch or sorting out your stationery, the feeling of achieving something hugely helps combat laziness. It doesn’t even have to be a goal as such, running a relaxing bath can leave you motivated and in a productive mindset.

3. Go outside!

It’s Easter, the sun is here, go and enjoy it. Many studies have shown that fresh air is stimulating for the mind, giving you a new source of motivation. At the​very least it will give revising a welcome change of scenery.

Side note for my fellow exams goers, I will be doing a survival guide to exams in the near future.

4. Keep a monthly list of dreams

I used to do this and it’s great for giving you a boost when you go back and read how much you’ve achieved. Basically, you name the entry, e.g. 1st Jan, and then write down all the things you have coming up, whether it’s deadlines, aspirations, hey mine even had a few date nights planned! Then, at the end of the month, you take a review and write what went well etc. Then you title the next entry 1st Feb, the oncoming month, and you write what you want to achieve. Then you wait until the end of Feb and repeat the process. I’m not sure if anyone else does this but it works for me!

5. Take a break when you need it!

Now it’s no good being productive and burning yourself out, if you need a break take it, just try to get back into your productive cycle asap to avoid the claws of Netflix and your duvet.

So the next time you feel in a downward cycle of laziness and thinking, take a look at these steps and hopefully you’ll have spring beans in your steps in no time!

Laura x


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