Spring/Summer must haves for 2017!

Springtime is always a great part of the year, you gain an extra hour of daytime, the weather is getting warmer (hopefully) and the opportunity to wear one layer without freezing to ice is fast approaching.

However, I know I never am able to sort out my spring wardrobe in time for spring, which results in me not knowing what to wear. I thought I’d share my favourite fashion must haves for this spring from my wardrobe, and I’d love to know what you think!

On a sidenote, I am based in the UK and am very grateful to my international readers of my blog, but I know it isn’t spring everywhere! But do not fear, I have another article with three of my favourite autumn fashion hacks which can also be used in winter, so please feel free to check that out! My 3 autumn fashion hacks: 

So, let’s get started shall we!

  1. Dungarees!

I feel that dungarees are such a fun piece of clothing, as well as versatile. Personally, I love my denim one from Primark pictured here, most of my clothes are at least a few months old so I have found some snazzy alternatives for you! Also comment if you want me to do a fashion or beauty haul from any high street stores and I will see what I can do!


I have quite a petite frame so I feel like long length dungarees swamp me a bit, however I also did find these that are pretty affordable as well as having a springtime feel!

Riviera Denim Wide Leg Dungarees French Connection £63

These are in the sale so I’d snap them up quick but their are gorgeous and have a really nice laid back off duty feel to them which I like; they look effortless but not try hard. They are also buzzing with the vibe of the 90’s, and, to be honest, who doesn’t like a bit of vintage?

Noisy May Black Eyelet Strap Dungarees New look £35

Now, I admit, this is a bit pricey for New Look but they are different to other dungarees, in a good way! They aren’t denim, instead being made of a black more looser fitting material, creating a casual look. I really like it and, although it’s not in the sale like the one from French Connection, is still is so casual. What I would say is wear some colour with it because it’s black and not navy, which doesn’t exactly scream, hey it’s spring everybody!

Mid Blue Denim Pinny Primark £12

Now, I know we’ve been talking dungarees here, but this navy blue pinafore dress in BEYOND cute! I have always wanted to get a pinafore dress so guess what I’m going to be buying this week. I just think it is so spring like.

The pictures of these are in order below:

2. Off the shoulder tops


I am in LOVE with this trend right now, so much so it has even managed to sneak onto my Instagram! I got this top from New Look for TEN pounds. I know, such a snazzy steal! I love the way it is so light weight and comfy so it doesn’t dig into your arms when it’s off the shoulder because that’s just a pain right? It’s still in stock as well and you can also get it in a mustard shade, so what are you waiting for?

Curved Black Shirred Bardot Neck Top New Look £10 pictured above

3. Floral skirts


Let’s be honest here, when has this not been a spring or summer staple? Florals match the tone of spring and the changes in nature, what’s not to love? I particularly like this skirt due to the waistband, I think it’s really funky and original, but I can’t actually remember where I got it from! I have, however, found some quirky alternatives which I am loving right now and I hope you will too!

Pink Floral Print Mini Skirt River Island £30

Now if you can’t wear this is in spring then when can you wear it? This is so bold and bright it’s certain to banish the winter blues, however it is a little on the pricey side. My bank account is going to be significantly dented by the end of this blog post!

Luxe Multi Coloured Candy Floral Prom Skirt Dorothy Perkins £40

Once again, this is on the expensive side, but for under £50 I think it is so so SO worth it! This would look amazing at a garden party or an event outdoors, maybe with some low heel sandals, seriously, take a look!

The pictures of these are below:

So that’s it my friends, I hope you liked it and that it has maybe given you some inspiration to kickstart your spring wardrobe! Tell me what you think and don’t forget to sign up to make sure you never miss a new post again!

Laura x




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