Something different…

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t updated this lately, it’s been a busy time of year. But now I’m back for good, and I’m going to try and post more regularly from now on.

Today’s post is something a bit different, but then my posts are always different! A couple of weeks ago I took to Instagram to share a new look I’d be trying out. Although the pictures weren’t exactly the best I thought I’d share it with you all in a step by step style, as I love experimenting around with make up.

Besides, who doesn’t need a splash of sparkle and a bit of eccentic creativity in their lives?

Step 1: Skincare

As I did this in the evening, i didn’t put on any foundation, instead just opting for powder instead. I then used my rose coloured blusher and highlighter to create a nice glow on my skin. I also used the collection 2000 concealer in 01 fair as it brilliant at masking discolouration under the eyes.

Step 2: Eyes:

Since I was doing quite a bold lip design, I decided to do a simple smoky eye without it being too dark. I used the no7 palette below as the shades are gorgeous, it’s quite ancient now but no7 eyeshades are always very varied. To begin with, i used the nude shade (2nd top right) for my base) and then I mixed the mauve (far bottom right) and the dark grey (2nd bottom left) in the outer corner blending inwards. Then i always put white in the inner corner of my eye to wake me up a bit, because students never get any sleep!

I then just used my black eye pencil on the top edge of my eye lid and finished it off with some black mascara.

Step 3 Lips:

Now for the fun part… I just view doing my make up as a bit of creative fun, and the more you experiment the more you can create make up looks that you enjoy and feel confident and creative with. I started off with a nude lip colour to set a base and then i worked from the edges of my lips inwards. I used a pink lip liner to create a pink shade around the edge, and then blended this with my red lipstick for the inner part of my lips, creating an ombre effect. This turn a few tries until i was happy with the shade.

I then used the same Estee Lauder eye pencil to create a purple shade right in the inner centre of my lips. I just didn’t have a purple shade and it worked pretty nicely. I also used the highlighter from earlier along with a gold glitter eyeliner to create a sparkly edge to my lips. I know that may sound a slightly unconviental way of using makeup but i did this look 3 weeks ago and nothing’s happened to me so far!

On a side note, I found the highlighter was good at adding extra sparke as, if you like being glowy then this stuff is amazing!

So that’s it, the final look is done which you can see below or on my Instagram at lauraenglandj18, where there will be a full list of all the products I used, although I think it’s about the tenth post down now! I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think!

Laura x


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