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Creativity vs daily life 

After eating some grated cheese, ready salted walkers crisps and a lot of Galaxy, I got the courage to start drafting my first blog. I guess some brainfood combinations just work better than others.

Also I was out of Marmite and, after this weeks events, that could have proven very bad indeed.

Anyway, I have decided to write my first proper blog about something that you perhaps may not have been expecting, yet it almost always gets overlooked. I’m talking about creativity in the day to day struggle. That’s right. I wanted to write about something that is perhaps more unique to me as a blogger, instead of just writing about what has already been said.

Like I said in my introductory -hi-I-have-no-clue-what-I’m-doing blog, creativity can mean different things to different people. Whether that is means expressing your identity or running with a dream of yours. Creativity in relation to day to day lives, however, can hopefully link to anyone as we all have lives. It sounds like I’m stating the obvious but when you think about it..

Creativity can be found anywhere, in the office, on the school run, it can even be found in the housework, although it is rather like a Chameleon: very good and hiding and appearing inconspicuous.Us human beans are so busy trying to struggle through life without missing deadlines or getting ill or stressed, that we hardly stop to look for it.

Yet what if the thing we never bother to look for is the antidote for stressing out and missing deadlines? Creativity can help us organise ourselves better, both mentally and practically, as we can become more quick thinking and better at problem solving, and therefore be more happier and destressed people. Do you see the link?

So my friends, I have a challenge for you. It takes nineteen repeated actions and responses for those actions or responses to become habits. Habits with can become boring and mind draining. I challenge you to make three positive creative changes to your day to day lives, whether it’s being creativity with making your lunch – or perhaps the kids’ lunch boxes, or perhaps merely getting more creative with you workwear. The choice is yours.

Then see how you feel. Better?

Please feel free to leave comments about your creative changes or advice for my future blogs!

Watch this space.

Laura x


10 thoughts on “Creativity vs daily life ”

  1. I love this post! I can’t believe you’re so new at this, it seems like you’ve been writing a blog for ages! I’ve literally only just started my blog, i’ve only written one post, would you want to check it out? Don’t worry if not! You’re doing great!

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