Fountain pens and fashion.. The missing link?

Fashion is filled with couture catwalks, A list models and er, pens?

You may be wondering how these two completely different words can link together even remotely, let alone create a blog.

Creativity can mean different things to different people. Fountainpensandfashion are just two words that both suggest creativity in my mind and that is what my blog is about: creativity.

Whether its anything from photography to writing the next bestselling thriller, Fountainpensandfashion has it covered, so hopefully everyone can find something to relate to. I hope you like it.

Laura x


8 thoughts on “Fountain pens and fashion.. The missing link?”

  1. You stopped by my place so I thought I’d stop by yours. I am no longer fashionable but creativity is always on the top of my list. Funny how fountain pens have slipped out of favor and we rarely write by hand anymore. It’s really good for us to do it that way. Best of luck with your blog. I’m sure it will be quite successful.

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