Blank (insert thoughts here)

There is nothing worse than sitting at your computer and staring at the blank page in front of you. It's as if somehow the words will magically appear on the paper, morris dancing happily down the page in neat rows leaving you a perfect vision of literature. If life was like that we fellow bloggers,… Continue reading Blank (insert thoughts here)

Creativity, lifestyle

Creativity vs daily lifeĀ 

After eating some grated cheese, ready salted walkers crisps and a lot of Galaxy, I got the courage to start drafting my first blog. I guess some brainfood combinations just work better than others. Also I was out of Marmite and, after this weeks events, that could have proven very bad indeed. Anyway, I have… Continue reading Creativity vs daily lifeĀ 


Fountain pens and fashion.. The missing link?

Fashion is filled with couture catwalks, A list models and er, pens? You may be wondering how these two completely different words can link together even remotely, let alone create a blog. Creativity can mean different things to different people. Fountainpensandfashion are just two words that both suggest creativity in my mind and that is… Continue reading Fountain pens and fashion.. The missing link?